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We specialize in the repair and recondition of

Test Dial Indicators

DMC calipers

Dyer Gage

Inside Micrometers

Indicating Micrometers

Drop Dial indicators

Vernier Calipers

Dial Bore Gages

Groove Micrometers

And more

DMC indicators

Dial Calipers

O.D. Micrometers

Blade Micrometers

Brands we work with

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Dial indicator
Dial Indicator Graphic
Dial Caliper
Dial Caliper Graphic
Gage Blocks
Gage Blocks Graphic
Cylindrical Ring Gauges
Cylindrical Ring Gauges Graphic
Thread Plug Gages
Thread Plug Gage Graphic
Cylindrical Plug gauges
Cylindrical Plug Gage Graphic

Calibration, Repair & Surface Plates

Ilikon, Inc. provides calibration and certification for all brands of granite surface plates. These services include inspection, lapping and certification per Federal specification GGG-P-463C

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