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Repair Services

  • Direct contact with gage and part manufacturers for best pricing

  • Full repair record 

  • Calibration and Certification if needed

  • Ilikon's expertise and precision used for quick turnaround time

(516) 897 - 1955

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Ilikon Repairs Guarantee

  • Cost effective solution compared to purchasing new gages

  • All reconditioned to like-new accuracy and precision

  • Disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and calibrated to guarantee functionality

  • All replacements parts priced competitively direct from manufacturer

Ilikon Specializes in the repair of:

  • Height Gage 

    • Base lapping​

  • Dial Bore Gage

  • Dial Hook Vernier

  • Micrometers

    • Indicating, Dial, Digital, Blade, Pin, Depth, Supermicromter, Pitch, Anvil, I.D, O.D, etc.​

    • Includes lapping

  • Calipers

    • Dial, Digital, Vernier, etc.​

    • Sharpening, Lapping

  • Indicators

    • Dial, Digital​, Drop Dial, Test, etc

  • Optical Comparator

  • Chamfer, Depth, & Snap Gage

  • & many more

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Brands we work with

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& many more

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